EPA Performed Testing

A petri dish for EPA performed testing

  EPA Testing

 1. Escherichia coli 

 2. HIV type 1  

 3. Rhinovirus 

 4. Inhalation toxicity study

 5. Clostridium difficile  

 6. Use dilution test – healthcare 

 7. Penicillium digitatum 

 8. Sporicidal test   B.anthracis

  9. Stachybotrys Chartum 

 10. Use dilution test using clostridium difficile  

 11. Aspergillus niger  

 12. Bacillus subtilis 

 13. Norovirus (used surrogate: 'feline calicivirus') 

 14. Dermal sensitization

 15. Hepatitis A  

 16. Staph MRSA

  As a note on the measure of efficacy, products demonstrating a ≥ 7 Log Reduction (LR) on relevant surfaces are considered effective in accordance with the FIFRA sporicidal decontaminant testing